Decisions made by the people; we are citizens too.

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Our platform revolves around 10 main issues for Canadians.  These are:
  1. Economics
  2. International Affairs
  3. Social Programs
  4. The Environment
  5. Public Transportation
  6. Safety 
  7. Levels of Government
  8. Immigration
  9. FNMI Rights
  10. Health Care

  • Mixed Economy 
    • An almost equal amount of private and public control 
    • Crown corporations and regulations keep prices competitive 
    • Balance between local companies and larger corporations 
  • Income tax (decrease by 1%) 
    • Continue tax brackets 
    • 14% on the first $43,953 of taxable income 
    • 21% on the next portion from $43,954 up to $87,907 of taxable income 
    • 25% on the next portion from $87,907 up to $136,270 of taxable income 
    • 28% on taxable income above $136,270 
  • GST (increase by 1%)
    • Flat tax of 6%

We, the Reformist Party, will be raising the GST because of our changes to income tax. By lowering our income tax, people will be taking in more money from their income, which gives more money to people in general. Our GST will be raised because more tax money can go towards social programs put in place to support all people. To balance out income tax, we will be sure to support more Canadian products and services. Not only is it cheaper to use products and services within the country, it will also boost our economy and our place in the world. Of course, we will continue to import products that you can not find in Canada, but by supporting Canadian businesses, we will be able to lower prices because shipping costs will be lower as different products and services will be easily accessible within the country. By building our industry, we will also be able to export more products to other countries of the world.

This is our taxation model:

International Affairs:
  • Creating and maintaining trade routes between other nations 
  • Keeping peaceful interactions and relationships between different countries

Social Programs:
  • Pensions for Seniors 
  • Roads and Railways 
    • We will ensure that Canada’s roads and railways provide a source of safe and easy transportation for everybody living and coming to Canada 
  • Income Assistance 
    • Income Assistance program provided by the Reformist Party will ensure to assist eligible families and individuals who are ordinarily resident on-reserve, with the basic and special needs and services that are there for off-reserve residents of the province or territory 
  • Assisted Living Program 
  • National Child Benefit Reinvestment 
  • First Nations Child and Family Services Program 
  • Family Violence Prevention Program
The Reformist Party believes that the energy policy should meet the citizens needs and be sustainable to respect and conserve Canada’s natural beauty. 

The environment is an important part of Canada’s identity and the values of Canadians citizens and this is why the Reformist Party supports the international progress to fight against the rising issue of global warming and climate change. 

Money For Renewable Energy Research
  • Investing in sustainable sources of energy for our future 
    • Granting subsidies to businesses and industries to promote installing forms of renewable energy
Public Transportation Powered by Renewable Energy:

We see future success in implementing Renewable Energy sources to further enhance the transportation system of Canada and develop a cleaner, greener environment.
  • Pros of LRT 
    • Reduces traffic on the roads 
    • Reduces pollution, less cars running 
    • Increases property values and fosters economic development 
    • Provides a means of transportation for the poor
The Reformist Party also reinforces the safety and well-being of all Canadians while maintaining a balance between justice and crime. We honour the Criminal Code of Canada and the implementation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. We believe that Youth Crime should be separated and that our safety policies should be strengthened.
  • Strengthen Canadian Armed Forces 
  • Peacekeeping within and outside of the country 
  • Disaster relief
Levels of government:
  • Provincial and municipal governments know what is best for their areas 
  • We still have some say to ensure that they are implementing things that everyone should have
  • Provincial and municipal governments will be required to submit frequent reports 
    • This will allow the federal government to have a very good idea of what is going on in the lower levels of government
    • A full report of spendings and reasons for decisions made will allow us to prevent further scandals within the government
Limiting the amount of economic immigrants will strengthen Canadian households and economy. By reducing this percentage, we only bring in the best for our country and our economy is more secure. Economic immigrants take job opportunities away from Canadians. Competition is important, however, we want other citizens to be encouraged to participate in our society. For example, First Nation, Metis and Inuits.

FNMI Rights The Reformist Party does not support the in just ways that Canadians interacted with FNMI in the past. We want to support them now, the First Nation, Metis and Inuit peoples were and are an important part of Canadian identity. The Canadian government has not been compensating the First Nations, Metis and Inuits in a proper way, instead we want to make sure that their culture, values, and identity are supported while ensuring the play a part in our society. We want to support them now more than ever and ensure that all the rights they have are respected and fulfilled.

****This will not just be done through money and land handouts, it will be a general respect for their culture and provision of services such as health care, schools that support their culture, and multiple options and roles they can chose to fill in society.****

Health Care
Any Private Health Care will be eliminated to ensure that everyone is treated equally and that your tax dollar is used well. Public health care is efficient and allows people of lower class to receive any necessary health care they would not be able to afford with private health care, this way, more than just the top classes of society benefit.


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