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Thursday, May 29, 2014

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“We need good, honest people in power” - The Reformist Party
Another issue arises related to the senate in power. Not to say all senators are corrupt, but a few current senators have spoiled the reputation of the rest by taking advantage of taxpayer money. With our new plan for electing senators, we know that this will result in a positive change for how our government runs.

5 Point plan:
  • Spending by the Prime Minister, MPs, and Senators must be made transparent. It must be public information
  • Official audits will be done on everyone in the government every 5 years
  • Senators are elected for a ten year period 
  • Senators will be elected by the MPs within each Senators' division. That way constituents have a vote.
  • This plan will take place once we are in power.  Current Senators will be phased out much like the penny, slowly and over time. New Senators will be elected when a current senator turns 75 or resigns. New Senators will follow the new rules that we put in place.  
We are making change for the better, as well as bettering the lives of citizens. By opening up spending records to the citizens, we can prevent things like Senate scandals and ensure that Senators are doing a good job in their position and not abusing their power.  We are well aware that change does not happen right away, which is why we decided that immediately removing all current Senators from their positions and replacing them with elected ones is not the right decision.  Instead, we will slowly phase our policies into place.


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