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Monday, June 9, 2014

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We have recently met with two lobbyists, Timothy Powers and Robin Speer, on the topic of the temporary foreign worker policy. The temporary foreign worker policy is a hot topic right now because of all the change that is trying to be introduced. It is an idea to increase the labour force in Canada. It allows temporary workers stay for a maximum of four years since 2011. It tends to support other countries as well as us. Recently, they proposed decreased wages for the temporary workers by paid by 15% to originally discourage the amount of temporary workers coming over. This actually didn't help as it encouraged big companies to hire them instead of local employees and it was soon taken out for that very reason. Here is a transcript of the conversation we had with the two lobbyists.

The Reformist Party: RP
Lobbyists: Timothy Powers (TP), Robin Speer(RS)

RP: Hello, we believe you are here today to address the issue of the foreign worker programs in Canada

RS: Yes, I am here representing Tim Hortons.

TP: And I am here representing McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited.

RP: As a party, we are for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program because it supports Canada’s economy. However, we believe that it shouldn’t be replacing workers from Canada. An issue we have seen in the past, is that jobs with low skill requirements have been given out to

want to lower the term that temporary foreign workers can stay in Canada to discourage companies from taking advantage of this program. We want more Canadians involved in the economy. What is your opinion about that change?

TP: I strongly believe that the temporary foreign worker program should not be adjusted to lower the amount of years that a temporary foreign worker serves. The time allows for a worker to truly develop his skills.

RP: The Reformist Party agrees with your statement Mr.Powers and as a party, we want to enforce the balance between public safety and equal opportunity. We want a system that considers all immigrants but still keep in consideration existing citizens and their role in the society. What do you think?

RS: Mr. Powers and I agree with that decision. Thats a good balance that takes both the public and foreign workers in consideration but how would you be able to do this?

RP: Reformist believes that the temporary foreign workers are an important part of Canada's identity. They help to maintain our economy and ensure our labour force grows at a steady rate. To confirm that Canadians are safe, we can set these regulations in place like background checks, health care exams, and so forth. We can also make sure that Canada is being able to meet their basic needs which in return would add to our society. TP: Thank you for your support Reformist Party. We will ensure that the workers are in safe health before entering Canada which would help the public good. We hope to keep temporary foreign workers a part of this country. This would benefit both the economy of the country and us foreign workers. 
Thank you for your cooperation,

The Reformist Party


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