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Monday, June 9, 2014

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We have recently met with two lobbyists, Timothy Powers and Robin Speer, on the topic of the temporary foreign worker policy. The temporary foreign worker policy is a hot topic right now because of all the change that is trying to be introduced. It is an idea to increase the labour force in Canada. It allows temporary workers stay for a maximum of four years since 2011. It tends to support other countries as well as us. Recently, they proposed decreased wages for the temporary workers by paid by 15% to originally discourage the amount of temporary workers coming over. This actually didn't help as it encouraged big companies to hire them instead of local employees and it was soon taken out for that very reason. Here is a transcript of the conversation we had with the two lobbyists.

The Reformist Party: RP
Lobbyists: Timothy Powers (TP), Robin Speer(RS)

RP: Hello, we believe you are here today to address the issue of the foreign worker programs in Canada

RS: Yes, I am here representing Tim Hortons.

TP: And I am here representing McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited.

RP: As a party, we are for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program because it supports Canada’s economy. However, we believe that it shouldn’t be replacing workers from Canada. An issue we have seen in the past, is that jobs with low skill requirements have been given out to

want to lower the term that temporary foreign workers can stay in Canada to discourage companies from taking advantage of this program. We want more Canadians involved in the economy. What is your opinion about that change?

TP: I strongly believe that the temporary foreign worker program should not be adjusted to lower the amount of years that a temporary foreign worker serves. The time allows for a worker to truly develop his skills.

RP: The Reformist Party agrees with your statement Mr.Powers and as a party, we want to enforce the balance between public safety and equal opportunity. We want a system that considers all immigrants but still keep in consideration existing citizens and their role in the society. What do you think?

RS: Mr. Powers and I agree with that decision. Thats a good balance that takes both the public and foreign workers in consideration but how would you be able to do this?

RP: Reformist believes that the temporary foreign workers are an important part of Canada's identity. They help to maintain our economy and ensure our labour force grows at a steady rate. To confirm that Canadians are safe, we can set these regulations in place like background checks, health care exams, and so forth. We can also make sure that Canada is being able to meet their basic needs which in return would add to our society. TP: Thank you for your support Reformist Party. We will ensure that the workers are in safe health before entering Canada which would help the public good. We hope to keep temporary foreign workers a part of this country. This would benefit both the economy of the country and us foreign workers. 
Thank you for your cooperation,

The Reformist Party
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Today, we had a summit meeting with two other parties, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Unity Party, to discuss the issue of food sustainability. We had a very heated discussion where many different ideas were introduced. However, many proposals hadn’t been carefully considered and still had many downsides. This lead to a lot of criticism produced by our three parties. While we came to no unanimous agreement or consensus during this summit, we received valuable feedback and new ideas to improve our position and solutions for this issue. We hope to come back and meet again with those parties at some time in the future to discuss our solutions for this issue again, when we have refined our action plan for the issue of food sustainability in Canada. For now, here is our action plan so far.

We, the Reformist Party, wanted to address the issue by breaking it down into three topics; food production, transportation of food/trade agreements and the distribution of food.

The ideas we presented were to increase the unit efficiency of food by setting standards for pesticides and using more natural fertilizers to produce the food. For example, using Foliar Feeding Fertilizer would be 8-10 times more efficient and benefit both the producer and consumer in return. As far as the transportation of food goes, the Reformist party believes that we should import the food from wherever is the closest location limited the amount of greenhouse gasses harming our environment. We also determined that the fuel used to export and import the fuel would be renewable utilizing natural materials such as algae fuel, corn fuel and other green alternatives.

Throughout this discussion an overarching topic discussed was taxing the distributor based on food miles. Meaning that the distributor would be taxed based on the bracket they fit in. The distance that the food travels determines how much the distributer is taxed. Our party strongly disagrees with this for two major reasons. One, by adding in this tax we limit the distributors freedom and also support the limitations of the types of foods they sell. Some foods can not be grown locally, what about them? What if you lived in the rocky mountains where food was hard to grow and come by? would the government make it so you would have to live with a limited selection and supply of produce. Locally grown food should be supported but we must remember to have a strong economy we must have a competitive one too. With this taxation model we give to much power to local farmers, they have found a way to function and thrive, lets keep it this way. Secondly, a tax on canadian stores and distributors hurts Canadians. Prices will rise or produce will be limited. Also Canada is a very populationaly wise, small country. It’s one of the biggest and best, but none the less small. We risk discouraging distributors here knowing they have a very realistic option of moving to the US.The Progressive Socialist Party and Unity Party want this. They also failed to mention just where these tax dollars would go? Whether to the government or back to the people where it should be. We have said this before, the Reformist Party wants change, but the right one. This isn’t it.

This is a big issue but we will help solve it.

Monday, June 2, 2014

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We are grateful that you have taken the time to consider our party, The Reformist Party of Canada. The following are some of the social media and RSS feeds that you can follow to keep notified.

The Reformist Party of Canada

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Hello Constituents. 

According to an unnamed source close to our current conservative government, a joint committee headed by three top-ranking cabinet ministers have been exploring the implications of this image for collective rights and immigration issues in Canada.

We believe that this image is representing the majority language spoken in these provinces other than the official languages, french and english, and the number of people that speak this language. As a reference, the table in the top right corner shows the number of people in each of those provinces. This graph was apparently created by three big cabinet ministers: Honorable Kason Jenney, Minister for Multiculturalism; the Honorable Ghelly Slover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official languages; and the Honorable Ahris Clexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. As you may have noticed, they are ministers of immigration, official language and Canadian Heritage, and culture. It looks like these ministers were looking to address the way immigration was being handled in Canada. Because no further information was released, we do not know anything else on what they plan to do. As a party, we feel that the process of immigration is completely fine the way it is right now. 
Canada is represented by a mosaic where different cultures and identity are represented as a part of Canadian society. Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world today and through many years, we have developed a stronger, more diverse community. Multiculturalism makes us better as a society and to have all these different minds and views of the world in our country supports the mission of making Canada a better country. In this image we can see the several languages in Canada and how many may not be treated as fairly as others but are still being considered. Under minority languages rights, all minority languages will be supported and that is what Canada believes in. As you know, The Reformist Party believes in slow steady change and the following are the ideas that we believe will continue to make Canada a better place to live. 
Canadian Heritage and Official languages;
To provide centres where people speaking other languages can access and learn the official languages so that they can easily participate in society 
We understand that language is an important part of ones culture and identity. Therefore, we want to ensure there a culture centers where communities can join together to learn and express their identity. For example, in Alberta we would have many Chinese centers. However, we want to create areas that can be used for all minority culture groups. 

Citizenship and Immigration; 
Immigration is fine the way it is, we are a multicultural society so there will always be another language spoken other than the official language that many citizens of a province follow. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

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“We need good, honest people in power” - The Reformist Party
Another issue arises related to the senate in power. Not to say all senators are corrupt, but a few current senators have spoiled the reputation of the rest by taking advantage of taxpayer money. With our new plan for electing senators, we know that this will result in a positive change for how our government runs.

5 Point plan:
  • Spending by the Prime Minister, MPs, and Senators must be made transparent. It must be public information
  • Official audits will be done on everyone in the government every 5 years
  • Senators are elected for a ten year period 
  • Senators will be elected by the MPs within each Senators' division. That way constituents have a vote.
  • This plan will take place once we are in power.  Current Senators will be phased out much like the penny, slowly and over time. New Senators will be elected when a current senator turns 75 or resigns. New Senators will follow the new rules that we put in place.  
We are making change for the better, as well as bettering the lives of citizens. By opening up spending records to the citizens, we can prevent things like Senate scandals and ensure that Senators are doing a good job in their position and not abusing their power.  We are well aware that change does not happen right away, which is why we decided that immediately removing all current Senators from their positions and replacing them with elected ones is not the right decision.  Instead, we will slowly phase our policies into place.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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The current Youth Criminal Justice Act was put in place with the purpose of rehabilitating and reintegrating youth offenders into society to fill meaningful roles. In no way, does this mean that young offenders will not face consequences equal to the severity of their crime. There are many consequences which youth can face depending on their attitude, age, circumstances, previous records and severity of crime. As a country, we have decided that 18 is the age that people can make decisions for themselves. This is why the YCJA covers the youth of Canada, youth from 12 to 17. Young offenders have the option to go to court or be referred into programs where they participate in more meaningful consequences. These youth will only be referred into programs if they show willingness to change their attitude and way of life. If they are not, they will be sent to court and charges may be laid. Alberta’s youth justice program has a completion rate of over 90%. Less than 20% of youth come into further contact with the law. This shows how youth are committed to changing their lifestyle and prevent future issues that may arise.

The Reformist Party respectfully opposes the proposed changes made by the Hon. Meter Packay. Youth must be held accountable of their actions, but adult sentences are not an effective way to discipline youth offenders. The Reformist Party understands that everybody makes mistakes and youth are at the point in their lives where they are beginning to make decisions for themselves. By allowing this proposed change to the YCJA we say that these youth have no chance of a better life and that they deserve to rot in jail. If you are not legally allowed to drive, drink or even go to 14A movie, why would you be able to spend the rest of your life in jail?

We, the Reformist Party, believe in the YCJA as it stands today. Adolescents are still being watched and punishments are given. We believe youth need to learn from their mistakes; their minds are still developing and youth are capable of change. Serious punishment that could penalize youth for life is not the goal of the YCJA, it aims to rehabilitate and reintegrate by issuing meaningful punishments. Allowing youth under 14 to have adult sentence may be doing more harm than good and lead them down a path that destroys their futures. Better methods of rehabilitation such as court, community service, and support groups lead the youth down a more positive route to success.

We believe in change for the better, and this isn’t.

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Welcome citizens of Canada. Please feel free to look at our standings and party platform in the "Platform" page above or Click Here. Thank you for your time.