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Monday, June 2, 2014

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Hello Constituents. 

According to an unnamed source close to our current conservative government, a joint committee headed by three top-ranking cabinet ministers have been exploring the implications of this image for collective rights and immigration issues in Canada.

We believe that this image is representing the majority language spoken in these provinces other than the official languages, french and english, and the number of people that speak this language. As a reference, the table in the top right corner shows the number of people in each of those provinces. This graph was apparently created by three big cabinet ministers: Honorable Kason Jenney, Minister for Multiculturalism; the Honorable Ghelly Slover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official languages; and the Honorable Ahris Clexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. As you may have noticed, they are ministers of immigration, official language and Canadian Heritage, and culture. It looks like these ministers were looking to address the way immigration was being handled in Canada. Because no further information was released, we do not know anything else on what they plan to do. As a party, we feel that the process of immigration is completely fine the way it is right now. 
Canada is represented by a mosaic where different cultures and identity are represented as a part of Canadian society. Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world today and through many years, we have developed a stronger, more diverse community. Multiculturalism makes us better as a society and to have all these different minds and views of the world in our country supports the mission of making Canada a better country. In this image we can see the several languages in Canada and how many may not be treated as fairly as others but are still being considered. Under minority languages rights, all minority languages will be supported and that is what Canada believes in. As you know, The Reformist Party believes in slow steady change and the following are the ideas that we believe will continue to make Canada a better place to live. 
Canadian Heritage and Official languages;
To provide centres where people speaking other languages can access and learn the official languages so that they can easily participate in society 
We understand that language is an important part of ones culture and identity. Therefore, we want to ensure there a culture centers where communities can join together to learn and express their identity. For example, in Alberta we would have many Chinese centers. However, we want to create areas that can be used for all minority culture groups. 

Citizenship and Immigration; 
Immigration is fine the way it is, we are a multicultural society so there will always be another language spoken other than the official language that many citizens of a province follow. 


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