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Unordered List

  • Mixed Economy 
    • An almost equal amount of private and public control 
    • Crown corporations and regulations keep prices competitive 
    • Balance between local companies and larger corporations 
  • Income tax (decrease by 1%) 
    • Continue tax brackets 
    • 14% on the first $43,953 of taxable income 
    • 21% on the next portion from $43,954 up to $87,907 of taxable income 
    • 25% on the next portion from $87,907 up to $136,270 of taxable income 
    • 28% on taxable income above $136,270 
  • GST (increase by 1%)
    • Flat tax of 6%

We, the Reformist Party, will be raising the GST because of our changes to income tax. By lowering our income tax, people will be taking in more money from their income, which gives more money to people in general. Our GST will be raised because more tax money can go towards social programs put in place to support all people. To balance out income tax, we will be sure to support more Canadian products and services. Not only is it cheaper to use products and services within the country, it will also boost our economy and our place in the world. Of course, we will continue to import products that you can not find in Canada, but by supporting Canadian businesses, we will be able to lower prices because shipping costs will be lower as different products and services will be easily accessible within the country. By building our industry, we will also be able to export more products to other countries of the world.

This is our taxation model:


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